By Chris Turner
Director of Communications, TBC

Chris Turner

Chris Turner

At one time, I was a correspondent for the International Mission Board traveling throughout Latin America writing stories for The Commission magazine. I was in Honduras working with a missionary who was at the end of a very long year of helping the people rebuild their country following the devastation caused by Hurricane Mitch. He was spiritually, physically and emotionally exhausted, and with a sound of desperation asked, “Is God at work anywhere in the world?”

By His grace, God had given me a front row seat to reporting His activity in Central and South America. He was moving with incredible speed to redeem people all across the southern hemisphere. I’d seen churches planted in some of the most unlikely places, formed with people who had been saved from the most unbelievable of circumstances. Like Luke writing to Theophilus in Luke 1:1-4, I gladly shared with my beleaguered colleague one story after another of how God was alive and active, and bringing people into His Kingdom by the scores. It was obvious by his response that the stories energized him to keep pressing his hand faithfully to the plow. The harvest belongs to the Lord.

manual-typewriterYou may be at that same place in ministry or in your personal walk with the Lord. You may be weary from working the field and wondering if God is at work anywhere in the world, or more locally, Tennessee. Believe me, He is very active in Tennessee.  From Memphis to Mountain City, the gospel is being preached, lives are being changed and churches are being planted.

If you want to know more, I’d encourage you to consistently read the Baptist and Reflector both online ( or in hardcopy format (call Mary Nimmo at 800-558-2090 for an annual subscription of just $15). Or, visit and to watch stories about how people’s lives are being eternally changed, and how Tennessee Baptists have played a significant part in their story. I can confidently say, we’ve reported some truly inspirational stories and will continue to do so. There are a lot more to come.

How do I know? Because God is alive and active, and bringing Tennesseans into His Kingdom by the scores.