Baptist and Reflector

BRENTWOOD — The Tennessee Baptist Mission Board has received an anonymous gift of $1,575,000 to endow the Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions.

The gift was announced during the April 25 meeting of the TBMB.

Board members were informed the endowment will generate an estimated $50,000-$75,000 for the GOTM each year.

“This very generous and sacrificial endowment gift to the Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions is a strong indication that Tennessee Baptists are hearing clearly that any way you slice it Tennessee is a missions field,” said Randy C. Davis, president and executive director of the TBMB.

A  gift of nearly $1.6 million is a great encouragement that “Tennesseans are willing to do whatever it takes to reach the spiritually lost in our own home state with the gospel of Christ,” he continued.

“With the creation of this GOTM endowment fund, others can contribute directly to the fund as the Lord leads. This ensures that generations to come will hear the gospel and that people will be leaving a legacy of supporting compassion ministries, church planting and revitalization, children’s camps, collegiate ministry, leader development, and so much more.”

For more information about Legacy Estate planning for the Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions, contact the Tennessee Baptist Foundation.