By Lonnie Wilkey
Editor, Baptist and Reflector

Before it Hits the PressIf there was any doubt what’s most important to Americans, legislators in North Carolina cleared it up.

On March 30 North Carolina legislators repealed House Bill 2, a law that required individuals in state buildings to use restrooms corresponding to the gender indicated on their birth certificates. See article.

Last year at this time people were praising the legislators for their courage in standing up for morality and Christian values. What a difference a year makes.

Legislators bowed to the pressure of the NCAA which had mandated the state overturn its restroom bill or lose the opportunity to host championship events in 2018-22.

After seeing millions of dollars leave the state this year because of the loss of seven NCAA events, including first and second round games in the Division I men’s basketball tournament, the decision was sealed.

Money, not morality, rules.

justice-money-gavel-unfairAs is often the case, it took compromise to repeal the bill and basically both sides are unhappy.

Those who supported the restroom bill are concerned about the long-term safety and privacy of citizens, particularly children, while opponents of the bill say it did not go far enough in defending civil rights.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper praised the repeal, saying that “it begins to repair our reputation.”

I must disagree Gov. Cooper. The decision by North Carolina legislators has ruined the reputation your state had when it stood up for morality and Christian values.

Sadly, in North Carolina and our nation, money, not morality, rules.