Resurrecting 500 Tennessee Baptist Churches

By Randy C. Davis
TBC Executive Director

To say Litz Manor Baptist Church was on life support is an understatement. The reality was its slow death was only delaying being moved from the category of once-thriving congregations to just another statistic of churches that closed its doors. You’ve seen those churches. They are now community theatres, coffee shops, town hall meeting places …or bars.

But God wasn’t done with Litz Manor, and the people weren’t done with God. Founded in 1946, the Kingsport church saw steady growth through its first 25 years, but those numbers began to plateau in the 1970s. Several economic blows and the more recent collapse of the Eastman Corporation being a major employer in the area, and the church dwindled to below 60. But it wasn’t dead. [Read more…]